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"Living, loving and learning through my craft"


"I am a strong believer of making do with what you have in your present moment"

In 2016, I sat at my desk feeling unfulfilled and underwhelmed in my current fashion job. I had fought so hard to get my foot in the door but once I arrived quickly realised I was not on the right path. 

Fearful at the thought of trying something new after struggling to get where I currently was, I forced myself to make a shift. I booked a month long holiday & handed in my notice on the same day.

I left that job with no idea what I wanted to do next but felt it was the right decision. 

That moment would propel my creative freelance career.

Since then, I have had the pleasure to pursue a creative career in photography, videography + editing working with a plethora of different individuals & brands.

Being able to have full autonomy over my life & creative career is a blessing I did not know I needed until I began this journey.

This journey allows me to provide creative solutions & creative freedom for those interested in using still & moving images as their medium of expression, help navigate their creative journey,

manifest their visions & share their stories. 

Now I get to help others take that leap towards what really calls to them.

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