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It feels so good to be writing again.

I have changed my blog over the years so many times I've lost count but I always come back to it because I love having a space where I feel I can express and share my work, my feelings, my fears, my opinions and general ramblings about life.

So in true starting over again fashion, it's only right for me to end my hiatus with a complete website overhaul, right?! New site, new domain name, new content, new vision.

Each time I re-do my blog it gets a little more focused, a little cleaner and the content improves in quality. I love it because it allows me to see my growth and I've learnt so much along the way.

As you've probably noticed when you fumbled across my site, my blog isn't the focal point (landing page) like it used to be, my photography work is. That is because I am finally confident enough to put myself out there as a photographer and content creator and I want to make sure that comes across in my work.

But I also wanted to be able to share more personal content about me as I continue to build myself as a brand.

And that is exactly what you can expect from this segment of my site. Think funny anecdotes about me trying to carve out a career path, food, most probably a few fashion based posts, food, my travel experiences, food and all my fails and wins at adulting. Oh and of course, food!

So thank you for taking the time out to visit and I look forward to building, growing and succeeding with you.

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