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Amsterdam is beginning to become my second home; this has been my second trip this year.

It's always my go to when I want a quick escape from London because it's cheap, cheerful and I know the city pretty well.

Seeing as it was myself and the old boys 5th anniversary, it was the perfect excuse to pop over. We spent two nights at Hotel De Gerstekorrel, right on Dam Square meaning everything was nice and local. It was quiet small but more cosy than claustrophobic. My only trouble was there was no lift and our room was on the third floor; you see the way my thighs are set up, they don't take kindly to stairs.

We spent breakfast at The Breakfast Club, dinner at Cau, dessert at Metropolitan and ate all the waffles, crepes and churros we could manage in between from Ice Bakery.

Overall, it was the perfect balance of spending time with my favourite person and stuffing my face with my favourite foods, which personally if you ask me was my ideal way to celebrate 5 years of friendship and love.

If you're planning a trip to Amsterdam in the near future, definitely check out all the places listed if you're a bit of a foodie like myself.

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