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Speak out what you want into the universe and the universe will provide.

At Christmas 2015 I decided I wanted to spend my next Christmas abroad. I didn't know where, how or with whom but I knew I did not want to be in London.

2016 has been the most fulfilling year for me career wise, yet the hardest in regards to finance. You see, last summer I decided I wanted to leave my safe and secure 9-5 and venture out for a new way to handle the rat race. Looking back I probably should have created a better game plan on how I was going to go about this. However, being the avid planner I am, I decided to go against my instincts and dare I say it 'go with the flow'.

I booked a month long trip in Dominica and did not look back.

When I returned I had no idea what I was going to do next; I found the unknown to be so exciting. Then something beautiful began to happen. The less I stressed and worried about how I'm approaching the wrong side of my 20's and still haven't sorted out my shit yet, the more opportunities were being given to me.

I weren't confined to one job description nor one company. In the last 6 months I've worked in PR, Entertainment Marketing and Film & TV Production with amazing companies. I've seen my name on TV in the credits, went to Stormzy's birthday and built clients for my own business. I've travelled to 5 different countries and 4 of them were international.

The two lessons I took away from this were:

1. Speak out what you want into the universe and the universe will provide. 2. Your success is not based on money.

As the end of the year approached my chances of a sunny Christmas were looking slim to none even though I had never stopped talking about it. I then got news that my cousins Dad had passed away and they were having his funeral in December in Jamaica. Going away to any country during the holiday season is usually ridiculously expensive, let alone to the caribbean. However, that's my favourite cousin and I wanted to be there for her. I learnt another important lesson at this point.

My family are the most important and precious gift I have been given in life.

They pulled together to help me get over for the funeral and within 2 weeks of hearing the news I was on a plane heading to Jamaica. Though it weren't how I imagined, I was able to support my cousin and spent Christmas with her in Jamaica.

Funny how the ole' universe works eh?!

So now it's a new year and already it's been off to a rocky start, but am I worried? No, I am not. Stress kills and I refuse to let it take any years off my precious life. With that being said, I'm off to speak to the universe about a couple things I've got planned for this year.

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